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Updated 11th July 2008


Ok - I know I am to blame for not publishing news in a timely fashion, particularly an item as important as this!

It is true!  We have been hiding a secret  -  we have another new member of staff now and I have yet to announce the details on our website, despite his arrival (in Cornwall) on 25th March 2008! 

Ok - so I am bad.....but I will be posting an update very shortly which will include a picture or two of our new 'dynamic duo'!?!  

SO - please make certain to check our News Page within the next 72 hours or so and  - all will be revealed!

Finally  -  for now  -  Crantock Fiesta night took place last Tuesday (08th July) evening,  and,  by all accounts,  was a tremendous success once more raising excelllent sums to support many local charities and facilities.   If I remember  (hmmm?!)  I will post a news item giving more information  -  but no promises....!   So if you weren't here  enjoying the summer fun, where were you?  Despite the forecasts, yet again, the skies cleared and Fiesta Night in Crantock was a success - and we congratulate all who were involved in organising, planning, running and clearing-up after, this event.  Congratulations on yet another successful Fiesta Night from us all here at the Fairbank Hotel.

Do you really require an excuse not to book accommodation here and...simply...sit back.....relax.....enjoy the view?  I think not and, if tempted, please contact us as soon as possible.........we will look after you.....!?!?!

Updated 10th February 2008
Wow!   It is hard to believe that it is already mid February 2008 and that the last news item I posted was way back in May 2007!   

There can be no excuses.....yes, we have been busy.....but we do have many news items that should have been added;   so please watch this space again now and I will update you on all the latest news from the Fairbank Hotel, Crantock the place to - sit back...relax...enjoy the view!

Updated 10th February 2008
However, we do have one very exciting item to, somewhat belatedly, announce - the Fairbank Hotel has a new member of staff with the arrival of our first grandchild (Oliver Issac) at 2045 on Monday, 07th January 2008 weighing in at 7lb15ozs and, he is absolutely gorgeous! His parents (our 'rocking' son Jon and partner Hazel) are delighted and really enjoying the delights of parenthood, doting on their rapidly growing baby!

Go on.....admit it.....he is a real 'charmer' already!!!

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