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Updated 29th January 2009

As the end of January approaches rapidly and the refurbishment work here continues in earnest, I thought I would surprise a few of our followers with a news update!   Apart from our normal winter activity of 'entertaining' various local tradesmen and suppliers whilst wielding paint brushes and rollers, some time has been spent updating certain aspects of our website and adding additional detail to various pages.  

In conjunction with our friends at Quintdown Web we have also been able to introduce some additional features which will enable visitors to the site to download our brochure in pdf format - go on.....take a moment and click the link to view the brochure and then just sit back...relax...enjoy the view!  

Then take an extra couple of minutes and view our Valentine's Weekend  special offer, a real tempter to bring your loved-one back, or introduce, to the Fairbank Hotel, Crantock - the place to sit back...relax...enjoy the view! 

Please watch this page for further news updates along with details of future special offers and, why not sign-up for our e-newsletter  to be certain of all the latest information updates for the Fairbank Hotel, Crantock - the place to sit back...relax...enjoy the view! 

Updated 08th January 2009 - Happy New Year!

The 'long awaited news' posted and promised throughout 2008 was that we were joined by another member of staff with the arrival of Charlie Ryan King, born on 25th March 2008 and, who, like his cousin Oliver, is absolutely gorgeous too!  His parents (our second daughter Sam and partner Jamie) are absolutely delighted and have been enjoying the delights of parenthood and resposibilities ever since!

Mind you, as you can see from the pictures below, they grow up so quickly which possibly goes someway to explaining where our year has gone - not that I would change a thing!!!

Apart from our 'little helpers' arrival, 2008 brought us a total of four Hotel inspections - 2 in one year from Visit Britain (the first being a much delayed visit and the second an unexpected early surprise), 1 from AA Hotels and, last but not least, 1 from the GTBS (Green Tourism Business Scheme).  We are well pleased with the results of all the inspections, especially the final three that took place during the peak summer season with a full Hotel!

From these inspections we are delighted to announce that AA Hotels again assessed us as a 2 Star Small Hotel but with a much increased percentage score of 80% - sadly, the inspection was too late for our improved score to be included in the centennial edition of their Hotel Guide in which we have taken a larger than normal advert.....but, we're still well pleased with the end result!

Visit Britain also assessed us as a 2 Star Small Hotel again this year BUT, additionally added a Silver Award - which is probably the highest rating we can achieve under the current rating system.  

Then, to cap it all, after many months of waiting, the GTBS inspection finally resulted in the Fairbank Hotel achieving a Gold Award - an achievement that we are immensely proud of, having been working towards a greener future here ever since purchasing the Hotel back in 2003!  

It would be very wrong of me not to mention at this stage the incredible support that we had working towards our GTBS standard from Michelle Rundle at Envision and, the team at CoaST (further details on our environmental pages) - thank you for all your assistance during the year.

Equally, the improvements in our Hotel grading standard since 2003 would never have been achieved without the assistance received over the years from the HoNEY (Hoteliers of Newquay Enhance Yourselves) team.   Whilst this actual project finished several years ago (as has a second, similar, project across Cornwall), their  mentorship and support during our early years here brought focus to our determination to achieve.  Thank you - one and all!

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